For that beautiful birthday girl with a dark side! LOL! Love this cake Donna! Thank you… as always!

Weddings, baby showers, birthdays, retirements…we do them all just for you to make that special day just a bit sweeter!

Here’s a few we’ve never done before! Last week you all kept us on our toes!! Thank you!

Happy Mardi Gras everyone!! Come by and see us!

Take a peek at this amazing cake we just created. That elephant is completely edible by the way!

Mardi Gras this weekend!! We got ya covered!

We made some of the coolest cakes last week! Take a look! More photos on our Facebook Page

ust getting ready for the day of LOVE!! Desserts always available!! Valentine sweets available all day tomorrow!! Chocolate covered strawberries $9.50 a six pack!

Show us the MONEY!! Birthday themes are getting so creative! Love our customers!!

Question for you … the picture on the left is that hard cut out tasteless fondant and the cake on the right is Wedding Wonderlands completely soft yummy icing version of that same cake! Which would you prefer??? Oh and BTW pretty obvious where the more talent is too huh! Love our jobs!