What a difference 50 years make! Cakes have come a long way! What will be next????

Just a few of the beautiful fall wedding cakes today! This time of year is so beautiful!!Congratulations to all our Bride and Grooms today!!

Every week there’s always something different!

Wedding cakes… It’s what we do!!! And so much more…

A true edible masterpiece we must say!! So proud of our talented decorators! This hand painted piece of art is insanely awesome don’t ya think?

Check out some of our latest cakes. So much fun!!

Sometimes cake decorators are forced to become florist! We love the challenge, and think we’re pretty good at it!  

Oh my! That’s all we got!

Masquerade wedding last night!We’re sure that was a blast!

Children’s book cupcakes!!! One of our favorite customers, Karen, hosted a “Granny” baby shower this past weekend! What an adorable theme right!! Congratulations Maureen!!

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