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We are just going to say “GO CARDS” with this one! Beautiful right?😃… pearls are back!!!

How do you like this little cake we just whipped up???  

Had a blast at Sacred Heart parish picnic! Me and the whole crew took a break!!! Love traditions!!

Well it was another wonderful week at Wedding Wonderland filled with cake after cake after beautiful amazing cake!!! Just take a look and see for yourself…

This cake definitely says…”look at me”! Bold and beautiful

POSTED 12:20 PM, AUGUST 21, 2014, BY RANDI NAUGHTON, UPDATED AT 12:22PM, AUGUST 21, 2014 (KTVI)- Some high drama played out on TLC’s ‘Next Great Baker’ the other night. Lia Weber and Al Watson were both named winners of the competition. The two beat out nine other teams from across the country. Both Lia and Read more ..

Congratulations to Al and Lia!  Our Blue Team went all the way and WON this season’s Next Great Baker!

Next Great Baker Fans are rolling into WW! Phone calls and meet and greets are so much fun!! Thanks everyone!!! Go team BLUE!

Another amazing night! Team blue is rockin it!!

Something new tonight!…after episode 3 of NGB we will turn up the lights at Yacovelli’s and Al will give a behind the scenes commentary of the show!! Al has mentioned that for each show there is about 55 hours of film edited down to 44 minutes. We must be missing out on some good stuff!! Read more ..

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