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Let’s EAT! PD article

Winning dessert contest would be the frosting on the cake for STL bakers

Al Watson and Lia Weber in TLC's "Next Great Baker."

Al Watson and Lia Weber in TLC’s “Next Great Baker.”

published in Post Dispatch by Daniel Neman, June 18, 2014

Al Watson and Lia Weber walked into a bakery in New Jersey and were told they only had 45 minutes to make a dessert that best represented their home town. Oh, and by the way, more than a million people would be watching.
Watson, 31, and Weber, 24, are from St. Louis. So naturally they made a gooey butter cake.

The two bakers and friends will be competitors on the fourth season of “Next Great Baker,” which begins at 8 p.m. Tuesday on TLC. They are one of 10 teams — this is the first season to use teams instead of individual contestants — who are putting their baking and decorating skills to a test for fame, fortune and the chance to work at the Cake Boss’ bakery in Las Vegas.